lundi 18 février 2013

week 24 - vacation count down

Feeling this might be an abbreviated one as not a big week of events last week. Geneva has been sick with cough/cold/on+off fever since last Sunday so missed school last week. Was the week to miss as she hardly had classes - a bunch cancelled through the week due to professors' absences (they don't have subsitutes here - if a teacher is sick or out, you just don't have the class), Wednesday typical half-day and Thursday was off as the students one year younger were visiting the college in anticipation of their arrival there in September so the 6ieme (G's level class) grade was excused for the day as her profs were all busy. Elena was in and out of sick, better by week's end. (yes, we did hit the Dr's office by Friday morning - nothing to be done but rest, cough syrup and rest).
Did make pancakes and all the trimmings for Martedi Grosso.
I managed to make it to aquabike again on Wednesday which was a good effort. Also have started hopping on the on/off Velo Toulouse bikes most days now that I have the Express Pass sorted.
Royally overcooked a batch of marmalade - in France, they're called orange amere (from Seville) - so now I have three pots of orange molasses.
With Elena's class at half capacity on Thursday - the older kids all practising how to be in college for the day - our walk about the streets was called at last minute (no surprise) so I kept the CM1s busy with a double page spread activity from the one Chickadee magazine we brought with us. Was much fun so will see if I can hunt one down for this week's class.
We had yummy red  + pink dinner on Thursday night - baguette with tarama (taramoussalata), fav pasta in ragu sauce, red velvet cupcakes and pink Cremant de Loire (girls had pink lemonade).
The weekend weather was spectacular - with the sun coming back into full view and double digit temps. I worked to haul the gang outside for as much of it as we could, which meant one outing to the Jardins des Plantes and one long wander along the Garonne river.
We had an invitation to join our Irish/Spanish friends to see a "kissing festival" in a small town north of Avignon in Provence however with G still down, we had to pass and keep local.
I did finally visit the Sunday market at Basilique St Serin - actually, wasn't missing much - lots of cheap tees, jeans, makeup, shoes, second hand books, linens, whatever cheap - really, someone wants to pay money... even just a small bit... for this crap?! Clearly yes as the market surrounded the whole church and was busy.
Highlights - Sat night Sticky Toffee Pudding and Sun night Polenta Orange Cake.
And as the title states, girls and I will be ready for a change of pace starting Friday - two weeks holidays approaching.
More on that next time.
A la prochaine,

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