dimanche 21 octobre 2012

week eight - the week of wind

It's interesting how weather plays such a part of our lives, even as modern and sophisticated as we are - how the day's weather plays out really makes an impact in large and small ways.
This week, we were introduced to the Autal wind, a Toulousian wind blowing strongly from the south. It began on Wednesday night and blew quite fiercely, though warmly, for most of the three days. We enjoyed gathering pieces each day, both Marco and I, from locals and those in the know, about its habits and legends. It's said to cause people to go a bit crazy, kind of like the full moon.
That said, there were some unpredictable bits - let's just chalk them up to the wind. And maybe the thought that it blew so strongly that we had some trouble sleeping so no wonder we felt a bit off through the end of the week.
I'm attributing the crazy wind to the miscommunication of my English lesson prep. I was under the very strict understanding that I was to get a recipe for crepes in English that I would help Elena's class make on Thursday - as this past week was some National Gourmet/Gastronomy week (as if they only recognize this for one week in France - ha!). Madame was pretty clear, as I'd suggested some no bake cookies, thinking it would be simpler - she said crepes. And oh, would I mind getting all the supplies plus ingredients together. Beh non, I could do this.
So on the appointed Thursday afternoon, I trundled in with all my wares, only to have Mme ask about the no bake recipe I'd found. Pardonez-moi? was my reply. Long to short, we improvised and switched to chocolate chip cookies, which the kids mixed the batter for and I took home to bake which became the class Friday treat. Crazy wind!
Also attributing crazy wind - though over by that time - to the Saturday last minute cancellation of Brazilian fellow students of Marco, slated to come over for dinner so I could meet the wife and see if I could tutor her in English - all my teacher friends, please laugh and shake your head.
Luckily, our French family friends were free and very willing to partake. So our first French family meal was had - tout ensemble et tout en francais. Think a good time was had by all.
Also the crazy wind made another French family's invitation to their house blow away on Friday (really, it just was a conflict). All to be resolved as we'll do-over this Friday night.
Geneva and Elena continue through school and they begrudingly look at me - Elena less, Geneva more - now when I say I think we might have rounded the corner to starting to feel like we get how this is going.
They're still just counting down to the two week Toussaint vacation which starts as of Friday.
And why not?! We've got lots of good stuff planned.
Starting with driving to Bordeaux at the start of the week for an overnight. Bring it! Yes, Ken, I mostly just drink wine here ;)
Have to be back in the city for a meeting bright and early on Wednesday with the OFFI (Immigration office) so they can formalize our visas. And ask for tax money, of course. I'm shaking my head as they've already indicated our annual contributions. Marco, as a student is under 50 euros. Mine, though they've politely but firmly stated I'm not authorized to work here, is in the hundreds. Hmmm.
Ok, more fun stuff... on Friday morning, the girls and I are off to tony London-town for some days with Denise. Ya - London, baby!
Will report after on merry making and Guy Fox fireworks.
Marco is laying low in Toulouse as he has to be back at school for the following week.
On our return, we've one more little road trip planned - just north of Toulouse, we'll be meeting our Irish/Spanish friends to tour a pretty little town near a regional park then do some cave spelunking - clearly, that needed to be said - and seeing some ancient cave drawings. Marco will be able to join at the end of his Friday, for the Saturday fun.
In all, lots of bon amusant to come very soon.
Starting with Treva and Jordon's arrival tomorrow for three days - yay visitors!!
Clearly, you can see where my head is at.
After all of this fun, it will be time to clearly focus on the next travel - when can I see Bobbi and family plus what fun travel are we planning for Noel with all our visitors?
It's a tough life I'm leading here.
You should join ;)
A la prochaine semaine,

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