lundi 15 octobre 2012

week seven - settling into routine

So I had set to start the blog this week with the thought that the family seems to be hitting a rhythm - that the girls are seeming to feel like they've got the groove, friends, school is starting to settle.
Then both girls had moments last night of telling me how much they wish they were back in school in Toronto and that they miss their friends. Well?
I still stand by the above statement - I think they're resigned to the year and are working at it - friends are working out and we're getting into a regular rhythm and routine to life.
Marco has made through week 2 with more comfortable thoughts about how his second week of work/testing turned out. Not exactly sure when he finds out his results so will update.
Toulouse is a city that seems to always have something going on. I spent a lovely fall Saturday wandering the outdoor market at the Capitole as the Festival d'Occitania moved front and centre - with lots of treats to eat and drink, traditional crafts and music, and general market merriment. Yes, the rest of my family chilled at home - we were all ok with this arrangement. I pulled them outside in the afternoon for the festivities going on at our local park. Along with checking out the outdoor displays and events, we got to meet the very good pen pal friends of Treva's cousin. Pascal runs an advertising agency in Toulouse so I look forward to spending more time with them when his works settles a bit. As he and his daughters speak English, we can have a break. As his wife Pascale speaks French, we'll let Marco do some practising. I was also very excited to find out that Pascal is originally from Narbonne, near our favourite Mediterranean beach, and his father is a local vigneron. He's offered for our next visit there to give me a detailed map, directions and invitation. Whoohoo!
On the note of visiting families, we have our first evening invitation to a French family home - on Friday evening, the whole family is invited to Isabelle and Serge's - parents of Geneva's friend Constance. I'll be interested to see how we make out as they don't speak English. More on that next week.
I also became a paid English tutor last week as I've been engaged by Laurence, mere de Thomas from Elena's class to spend an hour a week in English conversation. We had a good wander last Thursday afternoon, tout ensemble as Laurence, Geneva and Elena joined, pointing out things and naming them in English.
My non-paying English gig with Elena's class was focussed last week on having the kids tell me about their favourite places in Toulouse and then having them draw pictures, after which we named the colours. Finally, we talked Thanskgiving in Canada and fall colours - then I shared some shortbread cookies with maple syrup with the class. Fair to say they're enjoying my visits - blackmail cookies included.
I'm excited to start another one week countdown today to Jordon and Treva's visit next week. Also had hopeful news of a potential visitor in December. And TODAY - I will book our Toussaint vacation trip to London. As my girlfriend in Munich is there for longer than I understood, I can make this travel work. Only challenge is that the French Immigration Office now wants to see us to finalize our visas right in the middle of the first week of holidays - Oct 31 - nice! - so we might be around Toulouse for the start. But definitely off to London following and then hopefully more time with our Irish/Spanish friends before the two weeks is up.
And then it's November and only weeks to Christmas - yikes!! No plans yet but several hints for consideration. We'll see where things land.
On that note, I was shaking my head to see my local Carrefour market start filling today which Christmas chocolates. Really? On October 15th?
A la prochaine semaine, mes amis,

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